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Hey, thanks for browsing along to my site.

I am Abi.growth hacker, junior software developer Abi Travers blog

I am a self-taught growth Hacker and full stack software developer.

This little blog space is dedicated to my work passions.

I write about useful thing I have learnt on my journey into a career as a software developer.

I pass on wisdom from my life as a growth hacker for Agile tech startups throughout Asia.

I sprinkle my articles with photographs I have taken or love from around the world.


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While working as a growth hacker at Inspitrip

Why am I a full-stack web developer?

The moment I started coding I knew I had found the right path.

I feel in love with the continuous feedback, the feeling of satisfaction when your code passes the your tests, and the ability to dig to infinite depths of understanding.



What is growth hacking and how is it used to build lean- successful startups?

Build something as simple as possible; seeing if people want it or use it in the way you think they do, and using this to inform your products development or marketing tactics.

You do this through a series of small experiments which change one thing (isolate one variable) measure it’s effects, reflect on this measurement then act accordingly, if it works keep going, if it doesn’t ditch it.

When applied to growth this also means all online marketing channels aka email, changing and experimenting with everything.

The whole idea behind this is to act on the way your potential customer behaves and nothing else, as this is the only thing which will ultimately be responsible for the way you grow as a company.




I would love to hear any opinions you have on what I have written. I am always looking to improve and develop as well as take part in discussions around these topics.


I take photographs and write my insights into Asian (mainly Vietnamese) culture HERE .

I irregularly tweet HERE.


To see some of my full-stack web-development work, check out my GitHub CV.